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5 Steps to Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign for Your Benefit Event

Getting supporters to attend your non-profit’s gala is tough work, especially if it is your organization’s first year throwing an event. Budgetary constraints and time demands further complicate things. Taking the time to properly plan your marketing campaign can help you sell tickets efficiently and stay on budget. In this post, we explore ways to structure your […]

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mobile bidding

8 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Mobile Bidding Provider for Your Auction

So you’ve decided to use mobile bidding at your upcoming gala. Great decision! Mobile bidding will reduce your hassle managing paper bid sheets, drive up bids, and simplify checkout. How do you choose the right mobile bidding provider for your event? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution as your event has unique needs and preferences. But, this […]

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The Ultimate Benefit Auction Checklist

Are you organizing a benefit auction, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. We’ve worked with thousands of events and boiled down the essentials tasks and decision points to the following checklist. Note: This checklist focuses on the auction processes within the event and is not a substitute for a full event planning guide. […]

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winning bidder

Why It’s Important to Connect Winning Bidders with Experience Providers Directly

We at TravelPledge pride ourselves on our direct redemption model. When a winning bidder wants to redeem their certificate for one of our experiences, we connect them directly with the experience provider (e.g., the Caribbean beach resort). By contrast, some competitors offer a “white glove” service for certificate redemption, acting as a middleman between the winning bidder […]

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Big Book of Benefit Auctions

4 Must-Read Books About Benefit Auctions

Whether you are a PTO parent organizing a benefit auction for the first time or a seasoned fundraiser improving on last year’s gala, it is always helpful to take a word from the pros. That’s why we went out and reviewed the four most influential benefit auction books, written by auctioneers and other industry insiders. These folks […]

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5 Questions to Ask Before Including that Vacation Package in Your Benefit Auction

Without the right partner, it is difficult to find items for your fundraising auction. Your excitement is understandable when you procure that European vacation you are sure will get your audience buzzing. Remember, however, not all vacation packages are created equal. Without a discriminating eye, you could include items in your event that end up costing you […]

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