13 Important Roles You Need on Your Auction Steering Committee

In another post, we discussed differences between a Steering Committee and a traditional Auction Committee. In this post, we identify the key roles and responsibilities for your Steering Committee.

Of course, the same person can fill multiple roles so long as they have the bandwidth.

Managing Director-Coordinate various chairs to design and execute an integrated fundraising strategy.
Procurement-Gather items for sale at the auction
Audience Development-Design and distribute invitations
-Coordinate sales of corporate tables
-Track reservations
Operations-Coordinate the venue, decorations, food service, and Audio/Visual
Publications-Design and publish auction catalog
-Manage database entry into event software
Publicity-Engage local media and community about event
-Register event on community calendars
Financials-Manage budgeting across committees
-Accept and deposit all money from before, during and after event
Display-Set up live and silent auction displays
-Design live auction preview
Volunteers-Recruit, coordinate and train volunteers
Logistics-Track and store auction items
-Organize pickup and delivery of any larger auction items
Cleanup-Ensure venue is in the same shape, or better, as prior to the event
-Check for personal belongings left at event
Thank You Notes-Thank everyone who attended or donated items
Odds and Ends-Manage miscellaneous tasks that don't fall to a committee
-Augment staff of committees needing resources

This post is adapted from The Big Book of Benefit Auctions by Jay R. Fiske and Corinne A Fiske.


A nationally recognized benefit auctioneer and consultant, Jay Fiske has helped raise millions of dollars for a wide variety of organizations. Additionally, he authored The Big Book of Benefit Auctions.

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