Try the “18 Hole Auction” at Your Charity Scramble

A benefit golf event is a blast for attendees. But let’s admit it – it’s a big time commitment. Tacking on an auction to the end of the event makes for a very long day for your supporters.

At your next golf event, consider having attendees golf and bid at the same time with the “18 Hole Auction”. You’ll save time for everybody and give golfers a fun activity on the slow holes.

How It Works

  1. Place the promotional materials for an auction item on each tee (or selected tees).
  2. Using a text bidding service, such as Text2Bid, let golfers bid during their round using their cell phones. If they get outbid, they will be notified by text!
  3. Wrap up the bidding at a cocktail party or dinner at the end of the event.

BONUS TIP: Have the hole sponsors supply the items on their sponsored holes. Give an “award” to the sponsor who raises the most money on their item!


A nationally recognized benefit auctioneer and consultant, Jay Fiske has helped raise millions of dollars for a wide variety of organizations. Additionally, he authored The Big Book of Benefit Auctions.