24 Prize Ideas for Your Non-Profit’s Raffle

Raffles are a great way to raise money for your non-profit. Participants feel good about their contribution and love the opportunity to win a big prize. For your raffle to succeed, though, you need to find items that both excites your audience and generates a large net donation.

To get the brainstorming started, we’ve put together a list of ideas for your raffle. Keep in mind that raffles can have multiple winners at different price levels so you’ll want to mix and match items of different values.

Big-Ticket Items

1. Vacation or Cruise*

Vacations and cruises make for great marketing and can be procured for less than retail value.

2. Car

Pricey and eye-popping, a car is sure to get your audience buzzing. For a smaller-ticket alternative, consider raffling a lease or a car-rental membership (e.g., Porsche Passport).

3. House

Yes, a house. But it takes a special base of supporters to make a house raffle profitable.

4. Club Membership*

A 12-month membership at a private golf club can raise thousands of dollars if you have many golf nuts among your supporters.

Medium-Sized Items

5. Electronics

Televisions are obvious choices. Also consider sound systems, game consoles, and VR headsets.

6. Subscription Box

Meal delivery boxes, book clubs, or fashion delivery boxes are increasingly popular options.

7. Tickets*

Tickets to sporting events, concerts or the theatre will appeal to broad audiences.

8. Lessons*

Fitness, music, golf and language lessons are popular items and can be delivered in person or online.

9. Dinner Party

Get a local caterer to bring their crew to the winner’s home for a gourmet meal. It’s a great item in the category of “things people like but would never buy for themselves.”

10. Golf Club

If running a raffle in coordination with a golf scramble, a new driver, wedge, or putter may appeal to your audience.

11. Appliance

Consider a high-end kitchen appliance, grill, or vacuum.

12. Furniture

A new recliner, love seat, or patio set will attract homeowners.

13. Art

Work with a local artist for a custom piece. They will appreciate your business (or may donate it outright) and you’ll have a truly one-of-a-kind raffle item.

14. Memorabilia

Sports, political, or entertainment memorabilia are solid options.

Small-Ticket Items & Gift Baskets

15. Golf Foursome*

Offer a round at your local course or a course supporters recognize from TV.

16. Gift Cards

Almost every business offers a gift card. Work with local restaurants and spas for donations.

17. Escape Room

Increasingly popular and ubiquitous, escape rooms are fun for friends and family.

18. House Services

Landscaping, cleaning, and handy-work services appeal to a broad audience.

19. Wine Collection

Solicit donated bottles for an upscale item or go with “Two Buck Chuck.”

20. Pet Care

Pet items like toys and grooming equipment are good for baskets. Consider throwing in a grooming service.

21. Foodstuffs

Cheese, chocolate, and salami are all good options for a basket since they don’t parish quickly.

22. Lotto Tickets

In a way, a raffle ticket is already a lotto ticket, which is great since the winner is sure to like their prize!

23. Car Care

Offer a service like an oil change and cleaning or put together a basket of care swag: wax, tire shiner, air freshener, etc…

24. Mystery Box

The mystery box is a tried and true classic. Include any of the items above!

*Available on TravelPledge.

Alex McDonald is the Director of Experiences for TravelPledge. He is passionate about helping non-profits exceed their auction goals.

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