TravelPledge Items Automatically Imported to Your Mobile Bidding Solution

NO MORE CSV FILES! TravelPledge has partnered with two leading mobile bidding solutions EVENT.GIVES (formerly Bidr) and MaestroSoft to eliminate the need to manually load items. Now event organizers will see their selected TravelPledge experiences populate automatically into their mobile bidding provider software.

“Our customers are strapped for time,” said Mike Last, CEO and founder of TravelPledge. “Making their lives easier by automatically syncing TravelPledge experiences to EVENT.GIVES and MaestroSoft was a no-brainer.”

Previously, organizers had to manually upload photos, descriptions, restrictions, and other important details into their mobile bidding solution. This process typically involved formatting CSV files, a time consuming and error prone process. Furthermore, updating two systems at checkout delayed the certificate getting to the winning bidder.

Now, organizers using EVENT.GIVES can browse and reserve TravelPledge experiences within the EVENT.GIVES Marketplace. Auction Maestro Professional users will see a button to import their selected TravelPledge experiences. Winning bidder information is automatically sent to TravelPledge so invoices are prepared automatically and checkout time is greatly reduced.

“We are proud to partner with forward thinking companies like MaestroSoft and EVENT.GIVES,” added Last. “More and more events are realizing the benefits mobile bidding and an integrated solution just makes sense.”

More Integrations Coming

TravelPledge is rolling out several additional mobile bidding integrations in 2020. To save time at your next auction, contact your mobile bidding provider to request an integration with TravelPledge. Organizers can find instructions about loading experiences into their mobile bidding provider in TravelPledge’s Help Center.

TravelPledge is powered by Geronimo Solutions, LLC.


Alex McDonald is the Director of Customer Experience for TravelPledge, the benefit auction’s connection to generous business owners. Alex manages TravelPledge’s content strategy and customer onboarding. He is passionate about helping nonprofits exceed their auction goals.

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