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Maximize donations at your benefit auction

Woman planning her next fundraising event.

Maximizing Donor Giving Trends: Key Planning Considerations

In the world of fundraising, timing is a key quality of an informed fundraiser. Even the most thoughtful event invitation or donation appeal will go overlooked if it’s not planned at the right time. An informed nonprofit knows this and plans its fundraising events and appeals during the seasons that its donor base is most likely to […]

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The title of the article next to a picture representing nonprofit bookkeeping

4 Bookkeeping Considerations for Fundraising Events

From charity auctions to golf tournaments to gala dinners, fundraising events are a powerful way to raise support for nonprofit causes. As a nonprofit leader, you’re likely familiar with the event planning process. But did you know that each event you host must support your nonprofit’s budgetary compliance and goals? Bookkeeping is a crucial need in nearly […]

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4 Marketing Tips to Sell More Tickets for Your Charity Gala

While themed galas are a tried and tested way for nonprofits like yours to raise money, getting supporters to attend can be challenging. After all, a ticket to your gala likely has a significant price tag, so you need to wow your potential attendees immediately to secure their RSVPs.  By prioritizing event planning, marketing, and branding, you […]

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A woman raising her hand to ask a volunteer-related question.

Common Volunteer Questions: Can Your Nonprofit Answer Them? 

Recent studies found that around 25% percent of Americans volunteered in 2022. With so many dedicated supporters, your organization could come across an interested potential volunteer at any time. Would you feel ready to answer their questions and promote your cause?  More than likely, you already have a dedicated section on your website that addresses volunteer FAQs, […]

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4 Creative School Fundraising Ideas to Appeal to Parents

When it comes to fundraising for schools, many organizations focus on hosting events that appeal to students. While there are merits to that strategy, we can’t forget that at the end of the day, the individuals who are donating their hard-earned money are the parents. That’s why it’s important to host fundraisers that are appealing to parents […]

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Tax on charity items

Are Charity Auction Items Tax Deductible?

When nonprofits host a charity auction, their goal is to facilitate fundraising for their cause while offering tax deduction benefits to auction item donors. However, navigating tax deductibility rules, especially for in-kind donations, can be complex. Those new to nonprofit auctions may have questions about tax deductibility and how to value their donated items, among other concerns. […]

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This guide explores top tips for boosting association event attendance with marketing.

Marketing Your Association Event: 4 Tips to Boost Attendance

Let’s say your association is hosting a gala, and the day of the event is just around the corner. Your team has spent months planning for the event by selecting a venue, booking vendors, and securing an influential keynote speaker. You’ve allocated a significant portion of your budget to the event, hoping to make a return through […]

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Maximizing Your Hybrid Fundraising Event’s Potential: 3 Tips (Guest Post)

With the advancement of technology, nonprofit organizations have gradually learned that they can maximize their fundraising revenue by hosting hybrid fundraising events. These events combine the best aspects of in-person and virtual events, allowing you to better engage attendees and supporters from all over the world. If you’ve already hosted a hybrid event or two, you’re likely […]

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Kanopi_Travel Pledge_Generating Buzz-5 Event Blogging Tips for Nonprofits_Feature

Generating Buzz: 5 Event Blogging Tips for Nonprofits

When planning nonprofit events, you might have a handful of go-to marketing channels in mind, including social media, email, and direct mail outreach. These are valuable channels, but if your nonprofit’s blog isn’t part of your event promotion strategy too, you could be missing out on an effective opportunity to reach potential attendees and generate more buzz. […]

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Double the Donation_TravelPledge_5 Ideas for Maximizing Your Online Fundraising Revenue_Feature

5 Ideas for Maximizing Your Online Fundraising Revenue

With the power of the internet at our fingertips, your nonprofit’s potential to raise funds and engage supporters has never been greater. However, with this increased opportunity comes the need for innovative strategies that inspire donors to give generously. In this guide, we’ll explore five ideas for leveraging online fundraising and maximizing your revenue. From optimizing your […]

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