26 Amazing Silent Auction Basket Ideas Perfect for Charity Fundraisers

Themed auction baskets make excellent prizes for charity fundraisers. Silent auction baskets are relatively easy and inexpensive to procure and often fetch bids greatly exceeding the value of the individual parts.

Combine some smaller items that complement each other well, then add a catching name, and you’ve got a winning silent auction item you can sell year after year.

Check out our list of creative silent auction basket ideas to start your brainstorming! Once you decide, learn how to present your bundles to maximize bids.

Silent Auction Basket Ideas

1. Skin Care Bundle

Treat your winner to assorted skin care products, a certificate for a facial, premium make-up and more.

2. Adrenaline Junkie

Bundle vouchers for skydiving, white water rafting, roller coaster rides, and supercar racing.

3. Buon Appetito

Cooking enthusiasts will love premium pasta, sauces, and wine, paired with a bottle of fine wine and an online cooking class.

4. Local Culinary Tour

Perfect for couples, this basket provides twelve gift certificates for exciting restaurants around town – one restaurant per month!

5. Beer Snob

Bundle a local sampling 6-pack with growlers or a voucher for a beer flight at a local brewery (with Uber or Lyft vouchers).

6. Dog-gone Fun

Dog owners will appreciate an auction basket of treats and toys, annual dog park pass, leash, and grooming certificates.

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7. Chocolate Fix

Delectable chocolates paired with a dessert making class, fondue pot and a monthly chocolate delivery will settle once and for all who likes chocolate the most.

8. Lemme See Ya’ Grill

Grillers will love a monthly meat deliver, assorted rubs, grilling tools and a cook book.


This one really needs no explanation. Include a gift certificate for the lego store or Legoland if you have one nearby.

10. Turn It Up to Eleven

Treat music lovers to a rock concert in your area, with dinner and taxi service included.

11. Wine Time

Online wine tasting classes have never been more popular. Pair with some fine wines to enjoy on their own or during the class.

12. Hit the Links

Golf has no shortage of equipment opportunities. A new putter, glove, balls and shirt, and a lesson from a local pro make a great bundle.

13. Girls’ Getaway

Auction a drivable weekend trip to a hotel with spa, dining and beverages included.

14. Take a Hike

National park passes, sunscreen, water bottles, granola bars and hiking pole are perfect for nature lovers.

15. Green Thumb

Gardeners will love a toolbelt, gloves, spade, clippers, kneeler and a gift card to garden shop.

16. Instant Date Night

Treat the couples in your audience to flowers, dinner certificate, movie passes and an Uber/Lyft gift card.

17. Run Forest Run

Running gear makes the perfect bundle for just after the new year. For runners, include socks, runner’s shorts/top, hat, Fitbit and gift card to a shoe store.

18. Comfy Camper

Provide campers and upgrade to their regular gear with a new tent, sleeping bag, pad, portable grill, and folding chairs.

19. Bath Time

Bundle assorted lotions, lavender, mineral salts, loofahs, and other lovely items.

20. Chef’s Table

Upgrade the home cook’s setup with a stand mixer, air fryer, pots & pans, and knives.

21. Fitness Buff

On the upper end, auction a Peloton bike with subscription. On the lower end, yoga mat with resistance bands with personal training session fits the bill.

22. Ready Player One

While video games used to be something parents bought for their kids, they are now something Millennials buy for themselves. Pair a video game console with games and headset.

23. Charcuterie

Various cured meats, cheeses, olives and dried fruits appeal to a wide audience.

24. Wax On, Wax Off

Everyone appreciates a well-maintained car, so bundle car detailing service, new mats, tire shiner, wax, and of course a pine tree air freshener.

25. Close Shave

Take the barber to your winning bidder’s bathroom with a premium razor or razor subscription, cream, aftershave and hand-held mirror.

26. Closet Upgrade

Everyone has a closet that could use a little work. Include in your auction bundle a shoe stand, storage containers, hooks, plus a self-help organization book.

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