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winning bidder

Why TravelPledge Connects Winning Bidders With Experience Providers Directly

Your event is over and it’s time for your winning bidders to redeem their fun experiences. We at TravelPledge pride ourselves on our direct redemption model – we connect winning bidders directly with experience provider that posted the certificate to TravelPledge. By contrast, some competitors offer a “white glove” service for certificate redemption, acting as a middleman […]

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TravelPledge vs consignment

How TravelPledge’s Unique Model Beats Fixed-Price Consignment

We are often asked by nonprofit fundraisers to compare our program to the fixed-price consignment auction packages they’ve used (and typically had bad experiences with). Below we explain fixed-price consignment’s shortcomings and how TravelPledge is different. What Is Fixed-price Consignment? “Fixed-price” consignment is an agreement for the auction organizer to pay the consignment item supplier a predetermined […]

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