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Boost Engagement and Revenue for Your Auction with Pre-Bidding

We can’t stress enough how important pre-bidding is to the success of your benefit auction. In this post, we cover the basics of pre-bidding and why it’s good. What is pre-bidding? Pre-bidding allows guests, or those not able to attend, to preview and bid on key auction items. Pre-bidding primarily takes place online, using auction software. There […]

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6 Ways to Build Excitement at Your Fundraising Auction

Procuring great items for your benefit auction is crucial to getting your donors’ attention. But, don’t stop there. Consider these additional strategies to build and maintain excitement at your fundraiser. 1. Start With a Good Theme Choosing an interesting theme for your gala results in several benefits. It makes your event stand out among supporters, focuses your […]

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Think Like a Guest to Provide Attendees the Best Experience at Your Benefit Auction

When you focus on your guests’ enjoyment, your guests will reward you. This may be obvious, but is too often overlooked in the planning. Some committees do a great job thinking about the party, theme, food, decorations, program, service and the event mission. Those are all important. But what will pay the biggest dividends is to “think […]

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Buy It Now Board Poster

Use the “Buy It Now Board” to Sell Small-Ticket Items at Your Silent Auction

Your auction committee likely acquired great vacations, unique memorabilia, and bucket list experiences for your live or silent auction. These are no-brainers to include in the bidding, as they are sure to get your audience buzzing. Your committee likely also procured an array of certificates from local businesses: cleaning, dance lessons, chiropractic service, haircuts and styles, tanning […]

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